Recommended Age For Dental Exam

Experts recommend that parents schedule their young children for their first orthodontic exam between the ages of seven or eight. Because this is a critical time for growth and transformation. And for some children at these ages, early interventions would be required to help correct misalignments, should these occur. Orthodontic or dental exams los angeles consultations with parents will culminate in making the critical choice between braces or orthodontics, should either of these be required.

Either way, in the friendliest terms possible, the dentists say that they have a great number of ways to help straighten that smile. Braces work well for those who have crowded teeth or spaced teeth, or teeth that are not aligned correctly. Straightening the teeth, they say, is not just cosmetic, it’s healthy. It is easier to keep straight teeth clean. Straight teeth also have an improved bite, and this helps the patient to avoid jaw pain.

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It takes qualified orthodontists to move teeth gently and safely for young children, as well as teenagers and adults. Seeing the orthodontist at the earliest opportunity improves the possibility of having to avoid straightening work. And so just to remind you, the recommendation is to bring children in for their first orthodontic evaluation at the age of around seven or eight. This is also a good age to start teaching them how to take proper care of their oral hygiene.

By this time, they are already at school. But they can also be rebellious and stubborn. So if a parent has to tell her child to brush his teeth at night instead of him doing it of his own accord, you might be sitting with a disciplinary problem. But if you are not leading by example, what more did you expect.